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BBQ Festivals and CompetitionsAfter 10 years it was time to bring BBQ Festivals into the modern age.  We have been updating this site and getting it up to full strength.  You will be able to find current listings of barbecue festivals from around the country as well as a directory of barbecue competition teams. We still have quite a bit to do but we invite you to take full advantage of our current free event listing service.

There are few competitions in the world where everyone is the winner, especially the spectators! BBQ competitions or cook-offs as some like to call them, are some of the greatest events around. BBQ Competition Teams from around the country and around the world gather throughout the year in locations from coast to coast to showcase their low and slow cooking skills in fierce barbecue battles. When these teams get together for some good old fashioned competitions you can best believe there will be a sweet smell in the air and a whole lot of great cooked meat at the end of the day. Most BBQ Festivals have competitions ongoing in different categories and in this “sport” viewers often get to sample the winning barbecue.  Heck, even the losing teams have great cooking to share. No one really loses at these events.

So, if you are looking for a bbq festival or competition, you have come to the right place.  We are continually updating our event listings and adding bbq festivals information and news to our blog.  We hope you will find this site helpful and ask you to share with your friends.

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