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BBQ Restaurants In Kentucky

Knoth's Bar-B-Q
U.S. Hwy 82
Lake City, Kentucky

If you find yourself traveling through western Kentucky, near the twin lakes of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, then be sure to stop at Knoth's Bar-B-Q in Lake City.

We could smell the place before we even pulled into the parking lot. That was a good sign for me. Knoth's is a fairly large restaurant with a lot of seating and a very basic menu, but then after eating there I have decided they don't need to offer much more. I had the Pork Plate which consisted of pulled pork, cole slaw, french fries and bread along with a drink all for less than $10.00.

The pork was outstanding. The first bite was perfect with just the right amount of natural juice still left in. I hate it when meat is overcooked and dry. Hugh Knoth, the owner stopped by and we talked for a few minutes. I asked him about his bbq sauces and he said they were home grown. One was a sweet sauce and the other had a little bit of a kick to it. I like the hot one personally. It was hot enough to leave a little burn on the tongue but not so hot that the excellent flavor was lost. I coverd my bbq pork with a generous amount of hot bbq sauce and like a good boy cleaned my plate. I even took a piece of bread and did the proper thing by wiping up the excess sauce and eating it as well.

After we ate, Hugh Knoth, the owner, took us on a little tour of the pit area. He said all the meat, mostly shoulders, started cooking the day before they would be served. Several large pits were built in a small building out back and fueled by red hot hickory wood coals. He said the best technique for their pit was to burn the hickory wood outside the pit house and when they needed new coals they would shovel the red hot coals into the bottom of the pits.

All in all, this was a great stop while visiting the lake area of western Kentucky. If you like a basic Pork Plate or Beef Plate (other food is available but who wants other when you can have bbq) meal, with great service then you will want to stop here. gives Knoth's Bar-B-Q 5 Stars for great food and great service.

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